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My Ebook Sales Page Checklist

Recreating the Sales Letter WheelFor years I re-created the wheel.

With every new product, would go back and forth, doing twice the work because I had forgotten the details of what comes before what. (They don’t tell you all of these things in your “how to sell internet products” books and courses.)

I finally created a checklist. Here it is. It’s MY checklist — so if I’m missing some detail of YOUR process, don’t shoot me! But I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thanks and enjoy.

Sales Page Checklist

(NOTE:This is NOT the same process as for a free giveaway. I’ll do a separate checklist for that later.)

  1. Write information product or ebook.
  2. Write the information product or ebook sales page.
  3. Buy URL for sales page. (This is for people who don’t plan to use their personal site for selling their ebook. I highly recommend a separate URL for your products. I use www.godaddy.com, but any webhost company will do.)
  4. Buy hosting plan. (Godaddy again. I use subdomains under a main domain to keep costs at a few dollars per hosted site. NOTE: I hate Godaddy’s online help system. I LOVE Godaddy’s phone support! When I need something, I pass the online system and go straight for a live person. They not only walk me through what I need to do, they can offer suggestions I would not have known to look into.)
  5. Install WordPress on hosting plan. (Godaddy has a button to install. I love WordPress, so it’s part of my checklist. You don’t need to use WordPress.)
  6. Find and install a sales page THEME template. (I often use the free theme www.Flexibilitytheme.com, but if you do not want to spend the many, many hours I do to create a site sales page, just use their fully automated sales page system, called FlexSqueeze. It costs $127, but wow is it worth it!)
  7. Enhance the theme. (Add your custom headers, install plugins, do SEO.)
  8. Create/Update BUY button graphic to mirror product price. (I don’t always do a custom button.)
  9. Create a book cover image of the information product.
  10. Prepare any additional graphics.
  11. FTP graphics to site and link to themOR upload directly from computer using the “upload image” feature.
  12. Format/Design the sales letter on the site. (Use graphic fonts, checkboxes instead of bullets, yellow highlight some sentences, add motivating headers, etc. A sales letter will somehow “sound” different depending on the layout of site, fonts used, etc.)
  13. Create payment button code. (I use either www.PayPal.com or www.eJunkie.com.)
  14. Add the link for the product (or next step in the process) to the payment button code. (I’ve forgotten this step more than once!)
  15. Upload payment button code on sales page. OR insert button image on page, and add a hyperlink of the payment code afterward.
  16. Test by making a purchase.

Whew! It really is all those steps — not to mention the steps in making or sizing graphics, or writing the product and sales page. I’ll do another checklist for my Free Product Squeeze Page process, which contains more steps.

Linda Schneider
About Linda Schneider
Linda has created over 450 compelling ebooks, training courses, and coaching programs for Fortune companies and entrepreneurs in a staggering variety of industries. Linda welcomes inquiries from businesses and entrepreneurs of any size about developing their workbooks, ebooks, and entire training or coaching programs.