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Kindle Fire for Information ProductsHere’s why I can say with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that you can make a fortune in info products now: Kindle Fire.

A year ago, Amazon reported that Kindle books have overtaken paperback books as the most popular format on Amazon.com. Now with the release the Kindle Fire, a content-mad world needs more content than ever.

As an avid paperback reader, I once abhorred the rise of the Kindle, just as I abhorred the demise of handwriting. (My kids are not going to be taught cursive writing in school — I shudder to think what will happen if we’re ever bombarded by alien EMP’s.)

Now, having just bought my own Kindle Fire, I’m in love with my device. I love being able to dip into the content stream at will when I need anything from a factoid to a full education.

The Fire is a nifty tool. It’s iPad-ish features are fun, while it’s OS and Kindle content give it substance. It has a few things I am still getting used to. I wish it had a simple volume button on the device itself, rather than having to go into the screen for sound control. I guess it’s those small inconveniences that make it much lighter than the iPad.

But Kindle isn’t the only game in town  — Google, Barnes and Noble, iPhones, laptops, and every other mobile device — are all delivering content to us, practically intravenously.

And that means a hungry audience always looking for new content. And that doesn’t just mean ebooks. With the Fire (not to mention the other platforms), content can be delivered as paid instructional videos, slideshows, and audio. Your written content can be a simple report, multi-part course, blended product, or — yes — even a book.

If you can teach something, tell a good story, motivate, persuade, or explain something, then NOW is the time to use that knowledge to grow your business. Make sure to check out the new Kindle Fire and compare! (No, I’m not an affiliate…just a fan.)

Linda Schneider
About Linda Schneider
Linda has created over 450 compelling ebooks, training courses, and coaching programs for Fortune companies and entrepreneurs in a staggering variety of industries. Linda welcomes inquiries from businesses and entrepreneurs of any size about developing their workbooks, ebooks, and entire training or coaching programs.